Grants from Trusts and Foundations

People and companies set up Trusts and Foundations for many reasons. Each has a purpose; aims they want to see achieved, and they want to give grants to those who are delivering a project that will meet their aims. 

Some will give grants towards the upkeep of the building, whether for historical or community purposes, while others will be inspired to help further the mission of your church, and to help grow our faith. 

Whichever it is, it is important to take time to consider what the funder is trying to achieve, and best demonstrate how we our work will help them further these ambitions.  We can do this by showing the impact our project will have on the lives of those who we seek to serve. 

Finding out which Trust and Foundations exist, and gaining an understanding of what they want to achieve, takes time and research. But it is time well spent, if you can find a funder whose vision aligns with yours.  Here are some resources to help you on your way. 

Grant Giving Bodies
Environmental and sustainability projects take many forms. Some funders have particular interests and/or fund in very restricted areas. Others are much more generalist. Find a full list of Environmental and sustainability funders here.
Grant Giving Resources
• Questions to ask – what makes our project important? - coming soon.
• Tips for writing a ‘shopping list’ of funding needs - coming soon.
Erskine Muton Trust
National Giving Team resources
Introducing MINT: Mechanisms, Impact, Need and Trust.

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