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The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) advises on applications for faculties and List B works.

Covid-19 Updates

The latest Ad Clerum from the Bishop of Salisbury contains guidance on access to church buildings to maintain the organ, and by contractors.  Click here to view.

The CBC also maintains up-to-date guidance for incumbents, churchwardens and PCC members related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Click here to view numerous targeted advice notes on securing and caring for your church buildings during the pandemic.

New Faculty Rules from 1st April 2020

On 1 April 2020 new faculty rules came into effect. This is the first substantial change since the 2015 rules, which introduced the lists of works that could be done without faculty.

The text of the new rules is here and updated guidance for parishes on the new rules is here. The flowchart can be downloaded as a stand-alone document from here

Please note, the new rules will not apply retrospectively.  Therefore, all applications started on or before 31 March will be processed in the context of the current rules. 

The new rules add to both List A (works that can be done without permission) and List B (works that the Archdeacon must confirm do not need a faculty). Overall, this means that there will be more routine, repair and maintenance works that will not need faculty. The range of items in each list is increased, and a distinction made between listed and unlisted buildings where appropriate. Matters which relate to the more sustainable use of energy are moved into the lists, and the provision of bike racks is also introduced for the first time. 

 Click here to access the Online Faculty System

 Changes to the Online Faculty System
A revised version of Online Faculty System (OFS) will be active from 1st April 2020, to reflect the changes to the faculty rules. The main change that experienced users will notice is at the start of a new faculty application. At first, an application will require the provision of only two pieces of information:  Form 1 (the Standard Information Form), and a description of the proposed works.  The DAC will review this and provide advice about the next steps, according to what is really needed for the individual project. This is intended to encourage closer engagement, and will ensure that a church provides only the information that is needed to understand and determine an application.

For churches with far-reaching proposals that will change the character of a listed building, wide external consultation remains necessary, as part of securing a faculty. Importantly, the consultation stage has been moved earlier in the process, so that parishes will have the benefit of that advice, before the DAC issues its Notification of Advice. This regularises a working practice that has already become establishes in many dioceses.

All applications to the DAC Team will be processed using the online faculty system.  Please contact the DAC team. Please contact the DAC at an early stage, especially if you are considering a major project.

NB: applications will NOT be accepted by email - please use the link above. We'll answer queries as quickly as we can.

 Click here for meeting dates and application deadlines.

 IMPORTANT: the process for Quinquennial Inspection has changed. Read more about these changes, and access guidance notes and related documents here.

 DAC Awards
Awards are given annually as a way of recognising and honouring the work and dedication of those responsible for applications. More here.

DAC Surgeries -  Please contact the DAC officers directly during the Covid-19 Crisis to find out which surgeries are still taking place via Zoom and how to access them:  Provisionally the following have been planned:

  • 5 June – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12 nooon
  • 10 July – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12 noon
  • 7 August – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12 noon
  • 18 September – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12 noon

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