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What is the DAC?

The Diocesan Advisory Committee, a body set up by Church of England legislation, makes recommendations to the Chancellor, and advises parishes when changes are requested.

Faculties are then requested by the Chancellor or the Archdeacon, taking DAC recommendations into account.

The DAC has members with a wide range of knowledge in a variety of specialist fields such as church architecture, furnishings, art, archaeology, heating, stained glass, and so on.

What does the DAC do?

Advises on applications for applications for faculties and List B works. The Committee meets every month to discuss schemes of work.

Please use our online application system, and contact us at an early stage, especially if you are considering a major project.

NB: applications will NOT be accepted by email - please use the link above. And please bear with us as we restructure our team and recruit new team members. We'll answer queries as quickly as we can.

DAC Informal Advice and Resources (for re-ordering and specialist work)

The DAC is very willing to offer informal advice to parishes about their proposals before faculty is applied for. More here.

Click here for meeting dates and application deadlines.
Click here for minutes of DAC Meetings.

[NB: applications involving lead theft are not included here]

IMPORTANT: the process for Quinquennial Inspection has changed.

Read more about these changes, and access guidance notes and related documents here.

DAC Awards

Awards are given annually as a way of recognising and honouring the work and dedication of those responsible for applications. More here.

News (newest first)

  • DAC drop-in surgeries, to discuss or help with Faculty applications, List Bs or other works, once a month at Church House (Salisbury) from Friday 6 March, 10am-12. More dates to be added in due course. Hope to see you there! See list below.
  • Latest Architects and Surveyors List
  • Welcome to Jenny Malekpour, who is now with us 9-5, Mon-Fri
  • Welcome to Dan Crooke, who is now with us Mon & Tue mornings, and all day on Wed-Fri
  • Sadly, the January DAC Meeting has had to be cancelled due to staff illness
  • Guidance on appointing an architect
  • A new guidance document from Historic England regarding the replacement of lead roofs with stainless steel is now available here.
  • The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme will roll over until end of March 2021. This is the Scheme whereby listed places of worship can reclaim the VAT charged on repair projects and alterations. It was due to come to an end in March 2020.
  • The funding available for the Places of Worship Protective Security Funding Scheme will double.

DAC Surgeries

  • 6 March – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12
  • 17 April – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12
  • 15 May – Fisherton Hall, St Paul's Salisbury, 10am (part of CWs' conference)
  • 5 June – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12
  • 10 July – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12
  • 7 August – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12
  • 18 September – Church House, Salisbury, 10am-12

[Other dates TBC]


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