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DAC Informal Advice and Resources (for re-ordering and specialist work)

by Michael Ford last modified 12 Jun, 2020 03:12 PM

Advice and support throughout the planning and faculty processes: re-ordering, specialist work, guidance notes, Archdeacon's Licence for Temporary Re-ordering. Church Towers, Clock Weights and Lavatories

The DAC, along with the Archdeacons, Area Offices, Diocesan Registrar and Chancellor, seek to help parishes achieve their aims by offering advice and support throughout the planning and faculty processes.

Updated Listing = latest updates

 a) If a scheme of re-ordering, alteration or extension is being considered, parishes should

  • Initially seek informal advice from the Archdeacon.  As a member of the DAC, he/she is likely to have some idea of what the committee’s views will be about the proposals
  • Discuss ideas with church architect; consider feasibility of proposals
  • Contact the DAC secretary to arrange for DAC informal advice or a site visit

 b) If specialist work is proposed, such as work to the bells, clock, organ, etc, contact the DAC secretary who will provide contact details of consultants or arrange for advice to be given 

 Advice at an early stage can save time and money in the long term.

 However, informal advice is given in general terms, based on collective experience but is not definitive.  Parishes in need of professional advice for a scheme should appoint a paid consultant.  The DAC and its consultants cannot appoint themselves or be appointed as an adviser to a parish, nor can they prepare a scheme of work or oversee work for them.

Archdeacon’s Licence for Temporary Re-ordering

 All permanent changes to a church require a faculty.  However, to help parishes look at different options when considering re-ordering it is possible for the Archdeacon to grant a licence for temporary re-ordering.  This enables a congregation to experiment with a different layout of the church for a period of up to 15 months.

 Any work carried out under an Archdeacon’s Temporary Licence must be totally reversible and have the full agreement of the PCC.  After 15 months the church must either be restored to its former arrangement or a faculty must be obtained to enable the new arrangement to be made permanent.

Updated Listing Guidance note here

Guidance notes

The Church Buildings Council publishes helpful guidance and its Churchcare web pages provide useful information, including guidance on writing a Statement of Significance and Statement of Need.

Reference the checklist, there  is guidance about CDM Regulations here, and on the Churchcare pages.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guide for contractors on small projects is here,
And the HSE guide for clients on small projects is here.

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