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Accounting and Gift Aid

by ajack last modified 31 Mar, 2022 08:34 AM

Data Developments have developed a free treasurer course and a separate free gift aid course. These courses explain the requirements with practical examples and give useful hints and tips for both new and existing treasurers and gift aid secretaries. Time is left at the end of each session for live Q&A.

They are run by past and present treasurers/Gift aid secretaries. The aim of these courses is to spread good practice, improve reporting and give support to the people in the roles they have volunteered for.

So far this year they have run free treasurer training and free Gift Aid explainer courses with over 900 people attending so far. These courses are open to everyone, not just Data Developments users.

The training covers the following:

Treasurer training:

1. What is fund accounting and what are the different types of funds 

2. What is the role of the treasurer and what's best practice

3. Financial controls, what are they and why are they needed

4. What should I prepare for an Independent Examiner and year end

Gift Aid and GASDS course:

1. What is Gift Aid and what do I need to do to claim it

2. What money can and can’t I claim on

3. What is GASDS, why is it different to Gift Aid and how can I claim it

All sessions are recorded so that the person registered can repeat them or watch it at a more convenient time. People can register for the whole course or just the one week and we will be starting the next series after Easter:

Treasurer course
Treasurer training part 1 - Tues 3rd May 5pm-6pm
To register click here -

Treasurer training part 2 - Tues 10th May 5pm-6pm
To register click here -

Treasurer training part 3 - Tues 17th May 5pm-6pm
To register click here -

Treasurer training part 4 - Tues 24th May 5pm-6pm
To register click here -

Gift Aid Course

Gift Aid course part 1 – Wed 4th May 1pm – 2pm
To register click here -

Gift Aid course part 2 - Wed 11th May 1pm – 2pm

To register click here -

Gift Aid course part 3 - Wed 18th May 1pm – 2pm
To register click here -

Please feel free to share these links on to whomever you feel may be interested our courses. 

We have received very positive feedback this free training:

“Very useful and set at the right level “, “Thank you for 3 very good webinars. Extremely helpful”, “Very informative and helpful. Thank you”, “Thanks this has been a great help”

These courses do not cover any aspect of our software, they are more focussed on the relevant requirements. For more information on each course please visit the training page of the Data Developments website.

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