Parochial Fees

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Guidelines, template and fees table.

Updated Listing = latest updates

Bishop’s Guidelines
for 2019, the latest Guidelines with a Decision tree for Benefice in Vacancy, another Decision tree to help with fees due to retired clergy taking a wedding/ funeral, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Updated Listing Marriage Certificate Fees have changed. Read the General Register Office Clergy Newsletter here.

Record of Fees Form
template formats from 2019 for fees administrators to record fees and submit the quarterly return to Salisbury DBF. Fees administrators can choose between the standard form (replacing the previous “long” and “short” forms) and the introduction of a new Abridged form. For those using older versions of Excel, compatible versions are available on request from the Accounts department at Church House.

a. Updated Listing 2019 PCC Parochial Fees Form- Standard Updated 5 March 2019
b. 2019 PCC Parochial Fees Form- Abridged 

Please note that if you are a VACANCY, you should use Updated Listing this form (Updated 5 March 2019 and also available from the Churchwardens page, under Vacancies).

Parochial Fees Table
The fees set by the Archbishop’s Council can be downloaded from the Church of England website here.

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