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Generous Giving Campaign

by Michael Ford last modified 13 Jul, 2021 12:11 PM

Generous Giving: Transforming our Giving in response to God's Generosity.

By transforming our personal giving we can join in God's work and be transformed ourselves. We are working towards a Diocesan-wide Generous Giving Campaign, 18th September to 24th October 2021.

The aim of the campaign is:

To equip every church in the Diocese to actively engage their congregation on the topic of giving and generosity and encourage those who are able to increase their giving.


Find a wide range of resources to help you bring the campaign to life in your context here

Webinar series

Giving Mechanisms, 17th June 2021
Recording here 
Lianne’s slides here 
Helen’s slides here 

Planning, 24th June 2021
Recording here 
Slides here 

Theology of Generosity, 8th July 2021
Recording here  
Slides here 

Preaching workshop, 22nd July 2021
Sign up here 

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