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DBS & Safeguarding Microsite

DBS and Safeguarding IT Project

by Adrian Smale last modified 17 Aug, 2020 06:41 PM

Latest News (newest at the top)

13/08/2020  - Stage 6 is in final testing stage with central DBS''s already been linked to the APCS API  website for live status updates, posting of Verifier links and disclosures. PSO DBS's currently testing on test system but will soon move to live in preparation for going fully live before the end of this month.. Number of volunteers added is now over 4,000  and done over 3,800 DBS via the microsite so great progress indeed.     

17/04/2020 - There has been a delay with Stage 5/6 going live  linked to the current crisis but the work is going extremely well and final testing and checking is due next week (w/c 20/4) using live data and at the same time I am working through each of your accounts to switch on your auto-numbering and emails so you are ready for the next stage to be switched on. I am cross checking the APCS accounts and hope to re-purpose some to address all those people that do not have an active APCS account. Please to report 67 of you now have this active and together we have adding nearly three and a half thousand volunteers so THANK YOU!!!!    

17/02/2020 - Stage 5 & 6 are now signed off with our developer and Intradel (APCS developer) with both stages now likely to be delivered before the end of April 2020! This will bring hourly updates to the microsite of the state of every DBS and write the disclosure to the record automatically.  

14/01/2020 - Stage 4 is live to all users with the first Microsite with one click emailing and numbering. All users to be switched on beginning of February 

30/12/2019 - Microsite book sent out to all PSO's and Verifiers who where no able to attend the training sessions

19/12/2019 - Stage 4 goes live on central site and partially for microsite less emailing   

15/11/2019 - List view now includes the persons email address and telephone number for contacting all your people

08/10/2019 - Final testing on Stage 4 in progress - should be released December 2019

08/10/2019 - New DBS Project training booklet ordered being delivered Friday 11th October and new Project training Course booked in Wroughton for 26th November

01/10/2019 - New Training DBS Project Training booked in Bridport 5th November

24/09/2019 - Two DBS project Training courses booked Afternoon/Evening sessions in Salisbury and Wimborne

27/08/2019 - Start process to set up 6 twin afternoon and evening courses to ready all PSO's administrators and Verifiers for the switch to Stage 5/6. Stage 4 will make the microsite a standalone solution for processing DBS's and Stage 5-6 automates the process further.

14/08/2019 - Stage 3 released which now tells you the level of check required for the sum of the person's role - please note that it may in exceptional cases not always be possible to do in one DBS application. This means that you no longer need to refer to the spreadsheet of roles. It will still until Stage 8 be helpful for training.    

01/07/2019 - Stage 2a (5). Within the My people area you can now force a DBS check even if the person has an valid DBS recorded again their record. The process will ask you to provide a reason for this which will show when it is pushed into the checks to be started listing.    

21/06/2019 - Stage 2a (3) We now have manage the update service from within the microsite. If will ask you if you have not got the DOB and certificate number as this with the surname is the basic requirement. If the update service does not work, you can un-tick the box and process as you would any other application. Stage 2a (4) For organisation that do not fit the benefice model we now have a new way to manage these and these 12 groups now complete all account holders with APCS ready for Stage 5/6    

16/05/2019 - Nearly 1300 volunteers have now been added to the database and nearly a 1000 DBS's recorded locally so big thank you - this is amazing! Stages 2a/3 & 4 are hopefully going to be completed by Mid July -to be confirmed

06/03/2019 - Stage 2a (1)..Add new people on your microsite now has postcode lookup. Enter the postcode and move to next line to pick address from a list to be auto-filled. Quicker and more accurate and hopefully help with adding new people to the database.

14/02/2019 - De-duping mechanism now complete so just need to merge a lot of records. Please bear with us as we work through the backlog, but this is a major step towards ensuring one person one record. .

31/12/2018  All parishes now linked to a branch now -138 microsites in all (Click to see complete list) and 721 volunteers now added to microsites so well done everybody! Stage 2 is still in process so delay in stage 3 & 4 -will release update on schedule as soon as I know. 

18/12/2018  I have now issued all logins for the Diocese but aware there are a few unclaimed parishes so some tidy up work required. If this affects you or your area is not right do please get in touch.

5/12/2018 -Two new roles added which allows you to place Lay Minister and PtoO Minister  in your church/parish who are likely located at benefice level. It will then say in the case of Lay Minister for example Lay Minister of St Marys Church 

New Roles

03/12/2018 - new development where if only the date of the DBS is shown the Safeguarding officer can add now the certificate number if they have that data. 

27/11/2018 - New Login accounts now set-up, up to the letter P so approx.69 to go. Would hope to complete this by end of next week.

12/11/2018 - Meeting with Leslie Lockie and worked out a way to work while using the process of Church Suite which basically involves notifications via email and ability to process an application in the microsite without sending the auto-emails. 

19/10/2018 - There are now 33 microsites live and 397 people have been added to the database

01/10/2018 - Added Stage 8 & 9 to the project. Stage 8 Safeguarding Training summary has already been spec'd and Stage 9 is to be defined 

26/09/2018 - Current DBS summary now shows both local and centrally initialled DBS applications

28/08/2018 - New Beta testers Longfleet added (3 PSO's and 4 administrators). Number of new people added approaching 100 people!

21/08/2018 - Five more beta testers now added Branksome St Aldhelm; Broughton Gifford, Great Chalfield and Holt St Katharine; Radipole & Melcombe Regis;Trowbridge St James and Keevil & Wimborne Minster

14/08/2018 - Two new Testers added Canford Magna & Okeford plus Step by step for all users published Click this link 

27/07/2018 - List now live on microsite


26/07/2018 - As a consequence of the initial testing phase Bridget Trump pointed out that you will need people who's role does NOT require a DBS but who do need Safeguarding training (see screen shot above). Also New Potential Volunteer added another Bridget idea(!) so you can keep people in your area that currently do not have a role.  Please remember that we do not finalise the DBS/Safeguarding requirements until stage 3 and Heather Bland is working on this now. The new listing will shortly be on the live testing system for Alpha testers and I will notify them as soon as this is the case. Click here for the new extended list  

24/07/2018 -  Start Alpha testing with Avon River Team

23/07/2018 - Start Alpha testing with Salisbury St Thomas and St Edmund

16/07/2018 - Start of Alpha Testing with St Pauls Salisbury on Live system

03/07/2018 - Local roles uploaded to microsite (see them bottom right in Local roles spreadsheet) with set up screen preview 

15/6/2018 -Setup of Safeguarding Officers and their parishes screen complete and tested plus early draft of Microsite 

The project gets go ahead beginning of May 2018. 

 Key Objectives

  1. Minimise the admin work of all Safeguarding officers and the central team while achieving 100% DBS compliance for everyone in a role. Achieved by linking our database to APCS and by removing the need for double entry and using spreadsheets for holding data  
  2. Making this information available to all those that should have access WITHOUT the need for it to go through one person.
  3. Having just one stored record for each individual in a role in the Diocese which provides both full non-personal DBS information and safeguarding training history, which Safeguarding officers and central admin can extract for their people on demand   

Alpha and Beta Testers -what you will need to do?

  1. The main task is to search and as necessary add all your people who require a DBS to our central database. Approx. 20% of your people will already be here (Clergy, LPAs ,LWLS, Church wardens etc, but youth works and PCC members less so. Going forward the only task after this is to remove or add new people.
  2. Having added or selected your people update their DBS and safeguarding (C1) training history according to your records. Again this will be a once only task and you will find all C2 , C3, C5 S1-5 training already recorded against each individual. 


Once this is done the system will prompt you when someone needs a new DBS and you will easily be able to extract a report of all your people and their DBS and training compliance for your PCC. 

Stages of project

  (see full document bottom left under resources) along with project guide and roles both local and central)

Stage Started Completed
Stage 1a-Parish Microsite for Safeguarding Officers May 2018 6th August 2018
Stage 1b - Improvements to the way that Diocesan staff record DBS checks 6th August 2018 28th Sept 2018
Stage 2 - De-duplication mechanism (for duplicated Personal records 5th November 14th February 2019
Stage 2a ..
  1. Postcode module added to Add new People Microsite
  2. Notifications to accommodate Church Suite AND benefit to smaller benefices to warn them DBS renewals or other action needed
  3. Update Service...Was in original spec as a flag but given the number of these (more than I was lead to believe) needs to inform both central checkers and microsite users to use update service using the person's Surname, Certificate number and DOB
  4. Original structure based on Benefices with child parishes underneath. We have 12 plus groupings that don't fit this model, eg Guild of Bell ringers, Street Pastors-solution to these will be all linked to a dark/invisible benefice where these groups are all considered as  'Parishes' . Because nothing at Benefice level they will only see their own people.
  5. Because we only 'know' someone has a DBS and not the level Basic, Enhanced (child/and or adult) and paid or volunteer and because for ordained and PTO we require the DBS to be at the beginning of their license we need to allow all PSO's and Central checkers to be able to force a new application (even if DBS date less than 5 years). 
February 2019

1 completed 6th March 2019

(2) emailed developer 1/7/2019*

3/4  Completed 21st June 2019

5    1st July 2019

Stage 3 - The relationship between roles and the level of DBS checks 23rd November 14th August 2019 
Stage 4- Initialising a DBS check-emailing applicant and Verifier Sept 2019 14th January 2020
Stage 5 - Linking to APCS's System Started 17/02/2020 August 17th 2020
Stage 6 - Receiving Results of a disclosure back from APCS Started 17/02/2020 August 17th 2020
Stage 7- Reconciling financial transactions Not being actioned
Stage 8 - Safeguarding Training needs for your area
Stage 9 - Parish Profile (Spec TBC)


For further information please contact Adrian Smale at or telephone 01722 438651 (Mon/Tue & Fri pm)





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