DBS Guide-Using APCS to Apply for new or renewing

by Adrian Smale last modified 18 Jun, 2019 11:41 AM

Explains our online process using APCS our third party provider for processing a DBS application. This explains the process of how you go about getting your DBS renewed or applying for a new one due to a new role


Step 1  You need a Unique reference (a 10 digit number)

If you are engaged with training or renewal of DBS for Clergy/ PtO/ LPA/ LWL/ LLM you will receive this via email from Church House. Otherwise you can obtain this from your local Parish Safeguarding Officer or verifier. 

Step 2  Go to the APCS website link to create a new account

Using the link  www.onlineCRBcheck.co.uk enter your Unique ID and create your account.

APCS welcome Screen

Step 3  Complete the online application form

Fill out the form you now have access to and submit

Step 4  Show your documents to your Verifier

The verifier you where notified of will contact you to arrange to check your ID documents. if you are not sure what you need please see  https://www.onlinecrbcheck.co.uk/docs/iddocchk.pdf

The verifier will them complete the application and you will receive your DBS certificate by email. NOTE to Verifiers APCS have an online tool for checking eligibility for the various checks and barring lists www.onlinecrbcheck.co.uk/eligibility-tool.html   A Simple table of checks by role including training requirements is available here  (What DBS or Safeguarding Training by Role A-Z)      

Below is a flow chart of the whole process (click on image to view original document)

DBS Flowchart

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