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Home Parishes Safeguarding DBS level and Safeguarding Training by Role A-Z

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DBS level and Safeguarding Training by Role A-Z

by Adrian Smale last modified 14 Aug, 2020 11:38 AM

Please click here to see and download for your use our new DBS and Training Matrix for all roles (both centrally managed and local volunteer roles) 


Image for A Z roles

The Microsite will always automatically apply the minimum level check required for the persons role (s) based on this matrix. The value of this document however is it allows you to sort by level of check and also see exactly what level of training is also required. It is hoped at the time of writing that Stage 8 will be commissioned so that we can manage Training in the same way as DBS to ensure we achieve 100% compliance in this vital area. 


DBS is every 5 years and  Core training is done every three years.  And your Core Training courses  should be done before S courses. 

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