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The Diocesan Mission & Stewardship Advisors ("MSAs") and the Area Stewardship Groups are available to support parishes on any aspect of stewardship.

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There are many dimensions to Christian Stewardship - from the way we ourselves live as disciples of Jesus Christ to the way in which we collectively nurture and use all our resources to support the ministry and mission of the Church in our communities.

In the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Church has all the resources it needs to conduct its mission task... it is often not a lack of money which causes the Church to struggle to fulfil its mission task, but rather a poverty of vision... The way we use ‘our’ money is a litmus test of our faith and commitment”
- Resourcing Mission for a 21st Century Church, Church House Publishing, GS Misc 810

These are challenging words indeed, especially for a small rural church or where a parish is wrestling with particular local issues. In these situations there is still a clear need for sound advice based on tried and tested best practice (not only from within the Diocese of Salisbury but also from other dioceses around the country) but also a willingness to listen to and understand differing local problems. 

National Ethical Investment Week

The 2012 Action Guide for Churches provides practical information to enable congregations to get involved with the Week and make a difference with their money. It has been produced in association with The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) and with sponsorship from CCLA. The Guide and an archive of worship materials are available at www.neiw.org/charities_churches/resources_for_churches 

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Annual Thanksgiving and Renewal
Resources for your annual Thanksgiving Sunday.

Stewardship Programmes and Planned Giving Appeals
Help with planning the process and producing the materials for your local appeal.

Advice on planning a capital fundraising appeal and links to sources of funding.

Advice on leaving a gift to the church in a will.

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Help with stewardship worship, teaching and study group resources.

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