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Non-ecclesiastical parish trusts

by Michael Ford last modified 30 Jun, 2016 02:50 PM

In some parishes the Incumbent and Churchwardens are trustees of secular trusts or charities set up before 1894, which is when Parish Councils were established.

These charities often have a very small amount of capital that was intended to provide income for the relief of poverty (e.g. coal and blankets to elderly parishioners at Christmas). The Charity Commission will usually take a pragmatic view if the trustees make a well considered proposal to wind up the charity by transferring its funds to another charity with similar objects or spending the capital on a modern equivalent of the original objects.

These charities are not ecclesiastical and need not be included in the PCC Annual Report and Accounts.

Incumbents and Churchwardens who are ex-officio trustees of non-ecclesiastical charities can obtain informal advice from the Diocesan Board of Finance Trust Officer.

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