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8 Bible-themed Journey Day

by Michael Ford last modified 14 Mar, 2022 02:21 PM
Eight story-based workshop days to help primary schools deliver high quality cross-curricular RE supported by their local churches.

8 Bible-Themed Journey Days

The material in this resource is designed to help teaching staff fulfil the requirements for teaching Christianity within their RE guidelines, fitting readily into most Agreed Syllabus programmes.

The review in RE Today says:
"This is good value for money and could be the ‘changing moment’ for a school community. It might step out of our comfort zone but I suspect that, long term, the benefits could be outstanding."

The Church Times says:
"The material is practical, comprehensive, and imaginative. It is also very much activity-based. Ambitious, in that it envisages the local church and the school working together."

The workshops can be delivered across a complete academic year, over a three-year cycle, or simply for key seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

It is suitable for all primary stages, and can be used either as a class project or in vertical groupings through the whole school.

The programme assumes no particular tradition and will be appropriate for the mainstream churches in most communities. It can be initiated either by teaching staff wishing to link in with their local church or by church members wishing to support their local primary school.

Each unit includes:

  • Reflective material for use with the adults in the community (both school and church) as they prepare to lead the journey day and as they review the day
  • Whole-school introduction to the theme
  • Workshop activities using a range of creative, interactive and reflective materials to explore key Bible stories
  • Outlines for Collective Worship
  • Church-based activity days to support the core material


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