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Children's Quiet Day

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Feb, 2020 03:51 PM
A pack providing everything you need to run a quiet day for children, based on the story of Elijah.

Let the Flame Burn Brighter is a pack written by the Revd Dr Sandra Millar (former Children's Adviser for the Diocese of Gloucester) and Barbara Meardon (former Adviser for Work with Children and Families in the Diocese of Salisbury), based on the story of Elijah. It provides everything you need to run a quiet day for children aged 8-11.

Many people wonder whether a quiet day for such children is either appropriate or possible. Within the Roman Catholic tradition, and also within other expressions of faith, children do take part in retreats, fasting, meditation and prayer. With this in mind, we decided to create such a day for children and adults together.

Going on retreat has long been recognised as being beneficial for adults. Adults who go on retreat define it as going away from their usual environment to a specific place to be alone with God in a ‘more silent and focused’ way.

This children’s quiet day includes elements that adults who have been on retreat would recognise:  silence, liturgy in chapel, subdued music, visual elements, leadership by a spiritual director, solitude, group discussion and reflection on the Bible.

The experience is designed to allow children to explore being reflective Christians. The activities include both verbal and non-verbal elements designed to help both children and adults use all their senses and imagination in exploring their faith.

This is not a silent day, but a day with designated times of not talking. There should be quiet and varied background music throughout much of the day to enable a comfortable space and framework.

Each section of the day will be introduced by making connections to their own experience. For example, when exploring God taking care of Elijah’s physical needs, this care is illustrated by emptying a bag of homely objects.  A choice of responses will be offered, including quiet reflection and creative activities, because such open-ended experiences engage children.

There are detailed instructions and pictures to help you set up and run the day. Feedback from the trial in June 2009 included:

  • ‘A brilliant day’
  • ‘Perfect’
  • ‘I liked it because I could connect with God’

Caring for God’s world is important to children and church alike. This pack has been printed in biodegradable ink on 100% recycled paper. The laminate is 100% biodegradable and the folders are produced from recycled polypropylene.

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