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Festival Matters

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Feb, 2020 03:49 PM
A popular teaching pack, promoting progression in understanding key Christian festivals.

Festival Matters

  • Written by Education Advisers for the Dioceses of Bath and Wells, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester and Salisbury
  • Complements your Locally Agreed Syllabus
  • Helps meet requirements of QCA non-statutory framework for RE
  • Helps church schools reflect their distinctive character
  • Provides material that could be used within a school based study in both church and community schools
  • Develops pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Enhances pupils' multi-cultural understanding

The schemes

One unit of work for each year group from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, with a different theme and emphasis for each year. Although each unit may be taught in its entirety, teachers may wish to select from the activities. No time allocation has been set - schools may adjust the timing to fit their own circumstances. The schemes include:

  • Opportunities for links with other curriculum areas - links with Literacy
  • Assessment questions and criteria/suggested assessment tasks - linked to QCA levels
  • Suggested activities - with learning objectives, learning outcomes and resource ideas
  • Story focus/ Festival focus - each unit covers a part or theme of the story [Christmas, Easter, Pentecost] or considers an aspect of modern celebrations
  • Significance for Christians - what a particular aspect of the festival or theme means for Christians and how Christians today live out that message
  • Bible references - relevant references which can be read in a variety of versions and re-tellings
  • Suggestions for Songs/ Hymns/ Carols/ Music - which reflect the theme or aspect of story being studied
  • Theme for reflection - for use in Circle Time or Class worship
  • Assessment task recording sheets [Christmas and Easter only]
  • Resource sheets as appropriate
  • Planning for Acts of Collective Worship - linked to festival theme
  • Content available on 4 CDs

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