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Let the Children Come

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Feb, 2020 03:50 PM
Detailed instructions and pictures to help you set up eight prayer stations, with reflective activities for children and adults.

Let the Children Come

The United Nations Children’s Convention was twenty years old in November 2009. The church has adopted the anniversary as a celebration of children and childhood, and a challenge to ensure that we understand and uphold the articles of the convention.

This imaginative resource for schools and churches, written by Barbara Meardon (former Adviser for Work with Children and Families, Diocese of Salisbury) and Sarah Rickett (Head of Education at Salisbury Cathedral). The pack explores eight of the UNCRC articles from a Christian perspective and is based on Jesus’ teachings. It links naturally to values and citizenship education.

The pack includes detailed instructions and pictures to help you set up eight stations, with reflective activities for children and adults alike to think about and respond to the challenge of the articles. Quotes show what the Bible and famous Christians have to say about each one. There are extra activities to extend the time adults and children can be engaged. References are included for further activities and suitable books.

Stations can be set up individually or as a whole experience, and would be perfect as a focal point in churches and schools. Churches can set the stations up and invite classes from their local schools to visit, or use them with the congregation to explore attitudes to children within their own communities and around the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to extend school and church links.

The materials were trialled at a very successful ‘Let the Children Come’ day at Salisbury Cathedral.

The resource includes four supplementary stations for young people by Claire Estall (former Youth Adviser for the Diocese of Salisbury).

Caring for God’s world is important to children and church alike. This pack has been printed in biodegradable ink on 100% recycled paper. The laminate is 100% biodegradable and the folders are produced from recycled polypropylene.

£15 plus p&p from

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