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Love and Sex Matters

by Michael Ford last modified 14 Mar, 2022 02:25 PM
A pioneering four-volume resource: Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in a context of Christian values.


SRE Resources for Church and Community Schools

  • An important, realistic resource to help children and young adults navigate the complex context of modern relationships and sexuality
  • Written in the light of the MacDonald Review and The Children’s Society’s A Good Childhood Report
  • Useful for schools engaged in the spiritual, emotional and moral development of pupils
  • Engaging activity-based lessons with guiding questions for discussion
  • Materials written in consultation with teachers and tested with classes
  • Separate and complementary resource packs written for all four Key Stages

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Written by:

Kate Guthrie - resource writer for pregnancy crisis charity Hope’s Place
Verity Holloway - Salisbury Diocesan Schools Adviser
Katy Staples - Bristol Diocesan Schools Adviser

"This is a very good set of materials offering much insight. The stories and activities in the books are engaging and do not patronise pupils. All is presented in a manageable and sensitive way, offering pupils opportunities to make their own minds up about the important issues, based on a foundation of the tried and tested values of established religions and philosophies."
- Dave Francis, Consultant for Religious Education in Somerset and North Somerset

"If I were going to write this kind of resource, this is what I'd write. I like the choice of topics: the way they're broken down into details and the way they're pitched seems particularly relevant. Highly recommended."
- Jon Langford, St Paul's Church Salisbury 

Each pack includes:

Seven lesson plans with support materials, including a CD-Rom, tips on fostering open discussion, a sample relationships and sex education policy, and suggested ways to work with parents on relationships and sex education.

Love and Sex Matters KS1

Key Stage 1 resources - SOLD OUT

Love and Sex Matters KS2

Key Stage 2 resources
These sessions emulate developing relationships, starting with the individual, then the wider community, then dating, marriage etc. The aim is to put sex within the context of marriage and help pupils understand how relationships develop and work. Subject areas include influences on personal identity, making good relationships, puberty, the meaning of sex, marriage and forgiveness.

Was £35: now just £25 plus p&p
ISBN: 978-0-9565160-0-8 

Love and Sex Matters KS3

Key Stage 3 resources - SOLD OUT

Love and Sex Matters KS4

Key Stage 4 resources - SOLD OUT

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