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A Recipe for Success in Weymouth

by Michael Ford last modified 12 Dec, 2014 04:17 PM

All Saints, a CE Secondary School in Weymouth, has been marked as outstanding in every category.

The SIAMS inspector mentioned:

"The highly effective and distinctively Christian character of All Saints School creates a purposeful and harmonious learning community"

"The governing body and school leadership have a Gospel based vision for the school. This is successfully realised and embedded through weekly themes and closely related Christian values"

"The shared experience of worship in tutor group, year group, whole school and in the parish church gives students a strong sense of belonging and identity"

"Through an outstanding experience of worship and effective religious education students attain excellent Biblically referenced knowledge and profound understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the meaning of the Holy Trinity"

"All Saints School enables students to become rounded individuals with high levels of theological and moral understanding and mindfulness. The highly dedicated school staff work as a team to take meticulous and unstinting care of all the students."

Unusually, there were no recommended improvements.

More details here

All Saints Church of England School serves families from residential and rural areas of Weymouth and Portland. The majority of students are of white British heritage with a small minority from other ethnic backgrounds. All Saints is a smaller than average sized all-ability secondary school. Nearly double the national average number of students are supported by school action plus or have a statement of special educational needs. 

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