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Academy’s International Links

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

Sarum Academy has released two new YouTube clips with staff and pupils talking of visits made, establishing links with schools abroad as part of their cultural exchange programme.

International Links Co-ordinator Steve Dearden talks of a visit to Durban, South Africa as part of a group of twelve pupils and teachers, and of his experiences while teaching out there.

He says, “It was a real purist form of teaching and I think not only did that impact on me, but we encouraged our pupils to get involved in that teaching experience as well. That partnership is absolutely crucial and I think it’s something they learned as well.”

Extended Services Manager Debbie Rock speaks of her visit to Tamil Nadu, India.

“What I found particularly interesting,” she says, “was the approach to teaching and learning, and I realise how good the education is in England, how creative the education is, particularly here at Sarum Academy, in comparison to the style of teaching out there.”

She adds, “They value their education. It’s always something difficult to get across in the UK- to get across the value of an education that’s free- and I think we do that very well at Sarum Academy.”

Click here for the clip

Year 11 pupil Tom Bostock went on a History trip to Belgium and France. Asked whether he would recommend it, he comments, “Definitely. Especially towards younger members of the school, who will be doing GCSE History, even if it’s not a part of the subject they’re doing... It’s always good to get there and get a bit of knowledge as well.”

Pupils Millie Palmer and Meraud Bird also travelled to Durban, and speak of the profound impact of the visit.

Millie comments, “You just got to see how different things are, not only to how they are taught, but in how their lives are outside of school...they don’t have the resources that we have.”

Meraud was very struck by their visit to an orphanage, and muses, “When we saw them come home from school and they all got up and sang for us- and they seemed really happy even though they had absolutely nothing- you just think ‘people over here don’t really think of that sort of thing... if all that stuff [phones and technology] disappeared, what would they really be like without it?’.”

Click here for the clip

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