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Academy's Standing Ovation

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

A “delighted” audience at Sarum Academy gave a standing ovation following performances by pupils, La Folia and the Community Choir.

Academy's Standing Ovation

During the performance at Sarum Academy

Among the varied music performed at the concert were African chants, pieces by classical composers of the 17th century, contemporary songs, grand opera, music theatre choreographed by the pupils, and songs the pupils themselves had composed.

La Folia is a group of professional musicians who produce concerts and creative projects under the artistic directorship of Howard Moody.

British soprano Lynsey Docherty of La Folia has led 8 singing workshops with Years 10 and 12 BTEC pupils. Her aim was for them to experience in a very short time as wide a variety of styles of singing as possible.

Under Lynsey’s guidance, and with the support of Academy music teacher Mr Gooding, the pupils responded energetically, learned quickly, prepared independently, and showed collaborative respect and generosity along with exponential growth in personal confidence, not to mention considerable musicianship.

La Folia General Manager, Sue Kent said: “I found the students of Sarum Academy inspirational in both workshops and the final concert. Their energy, commitment, self-discipline, creativity, wide-ranging skills, & the courage to move beyond their comfort zones enabled them to achieve things they never expected of themselves.”

She added: “They grew throughout the project to produce a truly stunning performance that engaged and delighted the capacity audience. I will remember this project with warmth and pleasure for a very long time.”

Lynsey Docherty said: “I am proud of what the pupils have achieved. It is fantastic to see them emerging as individuals, having the courage to explore music they might not have touched before, and have the confidence to put themselves forward.”

The performers had Howard Moody as their accompanist during the concert and also welcomed Ken Aiso, a La Folia violinist of international  renown, who brought to the performance his own unique musicianship and virtuosity. 

The evening culminated in a performance of ‘One Voice’ sung by Academy pupils, conducted by Lynsey, who were joined half way through by the Community Choir, conducted by Mr Gooding.

Sarum Academy Principal, Ruth Johnson, said: “It has been a unique privilege to be able to work with such prestigious musicians. Watching our pupils extend their musical repertoire and showcase their own talent has been a joy!”


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