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Acorn Education Trust MAT Spotlight

by Emma Waters last modified 25 Feb, 2021 02:18 PM

As part of a new campaign, we are highlighting a MAT a month, and this month is the Acorn Education Trust!

The Acorn Education Trust was formed in August 2014 to create a local solution to a national strategy and provide a first-class education for as many children as possible. Across the Acorn Education Trust, 600 staff work to achieve the very best outcomes for more the 3,950 pupils across two nurseries, ten primary schools and two secondary schools. They aim to nurture the Five Strands of their ethos within of their schools, which are:

Active and Visible Leadership

Care Support and Challenge

Opportunities for All

Respect, Recognition and Resilience

Needs of All are Paramount

Through close collaboration and a shared vision, they hold the belief that each school can achieve great things, whilst retaining their individual identity. This belief, serving as the Trust’s core purpose, underpins all their close collaborations. In this way, they have been able to create an effective and efficient organisation that allows school and nursey leaders to focus all their attention on their students. They work in a supportive network to evaluate, challenge, and improve practice inside and outside of the classroom, allowing both students and staff to reach their full potential. Their work is embodied in their vision statement: ‘Preparing Young People for Their World in Their Time’.

Acorn ensures that every Acorn school thrives, and the Five Strands of their ethos are evident in all that they do. We are thrilled to be highlighting such an amazing organisation.

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