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Adventures at Osmington Bay

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

A report by Emily Johnson, Year 4, Wilton and Barford Primary School.

First of all we arrived with our bags packed and ready for our adventures, secondly we went to the toilet, checked that we had everything, put on our orange reflective jackets and headed off for our destination of Weymouth.  Everybody was really excited and we were all very hyper and lively.

When we arrived the first thing we did was meet our PGL instructor Ben.  Ben was kind, full of energy and very funny: the first thing he taught us was a really funny song about a banana.  Ben showed us to where we would be staying for the night they were cabins with enough room for 4 people: it had 2 sets of bunk beds.

At 10.30 we started our first activity which was aero ball, aero ball is a game where there are four trampolines joined together with nets around them, you have to throw a soft ball over the nets and into the opponents’ hoops in order to score points. It was exhausting but lots of fun.

For lunch we had baguettes with a choice of different fillings, you could also have soup and salad.  After lunch we did raft building with some instructors called Sophie and Chas.  All the boys in my group fell off the raft into the pond which was freezing, it was a good job it was a sunny day...  It was very funny and really good fun.    The next thing we did was the giant swing that was extremely high but fantastic!  I think it was the best activity at Ossy Bay.

In the evening we did an activity called around the world where you had to find different countries from the clues given, at 10pm we all went to bed after having showers.

The following morning we had breakfast and carried out another three activities which were Abseiling, Zip wire and problem solving.  They were all amazing!

Ossy Bay was a great adventure and I am so looking forward to the next one.


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