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Back to the Stone Age in Wiltshire

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Feb, 2015 02:53 PM

A report by Henry, a Year 6 pupil from Whitesheet Primary Academy

Back to the Stone Age in Wiltshire

Whitesheet pupils enjoy practical learning about Stonehenge

“Last week Whitesheet went on an exciting trip to Stonehenge. As we put our bags down we were told about how things decompose over time and how this is useful to archaeologists. Then we were all split up into four groups to do four different things.

"One group learned how to build a mini model of Stonehenge. Another found out how the artefacts get buried over time. The third group found out the difference between bronze and Stone Age artefacts, and the fourth how the Stone Age men and women actually managed to lift the huge stones.

"After we had finished these activities we split into three different groups to find out how to make a Stone Age house, live like a Stone Age man and finally how to make rope. After all of that it was finally time for lunch as we were pretty hungry and chilly.

"After lunch we visited the actual site of Stonehenge. It was magnificent. We looked at Stonehenge for about roughly ten minutes before having to get back on the bus for our final activity of the day. When we got back to the visitors centre we went straight to the art museum.

"We learnt about what happened to Stonehenge in WW2, who founded Stonehenge and even what it looked like when it was built. Others found out how Stonehenge looked before they actually moved the stones in.

"Sadly after this it was time to go. I really enjoyed going to Stonehenge. I wish I could go again."


The Whitesheet Primary Academy website: 

The English Heritage Stonehenge website: 

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