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Baptism practice at St Nicholas School, Porton

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

On Thursday 22 March, the children of Robins Class, St Nicholas’ Primary School, held a mock Baptism for one of the class dolls.

Baptism practice at St Nicholas School, Porton

Reception pupils from the Robins class 'baptise' a doll

Led and advised by the Rector, the Reverend Vanda Perrett, Reception children undertook the roles of vicar, parents, God-parents and photographer.

The class was involved in all aspects of the preparations – writing the invitations to parents and governors, making and decorating the cake and selecting the name of the ‘baby’ – Rebecca Suzie.

After the service, which included a prayer written by the pupils, everyone celebrated with cake and champagne (apple juice and sparkling water!).  The children also learnt about the symbolism of the oil, water and the scallop shell.

David Rolfe, Headteacher, 01980 610401

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