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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

by Michael Ford last modified 25 Jan, 2018 11:26 AM

Dorset schoolchildren come face-to-face with bikers!

The children of Okeford Fitzpaine Church of England School experienced an assembly with a difference when they were confronted by a large Harley Davidson motor bike and six bikers in leathers, helmets and dark glasses.

Understandably the children were very nervous and many shied away. Miss Bacon, the school’s Principal, asked questions such as:
“Are they cool?”
“Are they scary?”
“Are they responsible?”
“Do they help people?”
“Are they a gang?”

Okeford- Harley

The children gave many answers, before the bikers revealed themselves. One girl exclaimed, “They are all old!” and “One of them is a lady!” Another said, “There are two vicars here!”

The Bikers had crosses on the back of their leather jackets. They were members of the Christian Motorcyclists’ Association (CMA).

Turning the tables, the bikers were asked the same questions. Answers included:
“I think I’m cool, but others might think the opposite when they see me in my motorbike leathers”.
“I’m not scary, I just like to help people.”
“I like to ride my bike fast, but always stay within the speed limit.”
“We aren’t really a gang, but a group of friends who like to ride big motorbikes and help people as much as we can.”

The seemingly tough, threatening bikers turned out to be Christians who love to ride their motorbikes and do good deeds in the name of Jesus Christ.

Okeford- trying it for size

The school children and staff, a Foundation Governor, and the Revd Lydia Cook, minister of the village church, were all fascinated. Special thanks to the members of the Hampshire and Dorset branch of the CMA.

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