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Double Outstanding for Piddle Valley *Updated

by Michael Ford last modified 20 Jan, 2016 03:55 PM

Piddle Valley Church of England Voluntary Aided First School, near Dorchester, recently received outstanding status in both Ofsted and SIAS inspections.

Double Outstanding for Piddle Valley *Updated

Headteacher Tracy Jones

Key Findings from the Ofsted report include the remark, "Piddle Valley is an outstanding school. Achievement is consistently high for all pupils because of very strong leadership, outstanding teaching, an exciting creative curriculum and rigorous tracking of pupils’ progress. The Early Years Foundation Stage provides children with an excellent start to their education."

The report added that the school should “Enhance extra-curricular provision for gifted and talented pupils, providing more opportunities to challenge and extend their learning.”

The SIAS report noted that "A strong and tangible Christian based ethos makes a highly significant contribution to positive values and attitudes to teaching and learning. Strong and fruitful Church links ensure these values and attitudes permeate all aspects of school community life. This in conjunction with good Religious Education (RE), delivered through a creative curriculum produces a learning environment where pupils make very good personal progress. The commitment to its Christian Foundation is lived out in every aspect of the school’s life and the school has excellent structures to ensure that standards can be maintained and improved."

Headteacher Tracy Jones said, "I've only been in post since September, but I'm incredibly proud of everyone's hard work. Both teams were every suppoortive and enabled us to demonstrate our strengths. It's been a positive look at how the school can move forward: we now have a set of clear, defined steps."

She added, "The school has a huge amount of community support: ultimately, this result is down to the hard work of our staff, and of course our wonderful children."

Easter Experience, a resource from the Diocesan Board of Education, featured in an example of good practice.

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Diocesan Board of Education 

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