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Double Outstanding for St Osmund's Middle

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

The Dorchester School, a new academy, recently scored a double outstanding in both Ofsted and SIAS inspections.

The Ofsted inspector noted that leadership, management, teaching, pupil progress and attainment and even teaching assistant support are all outstanding, adding that "The headteacher and other leaders have successfully created a learning culture where pupils and staff thrive.

"High expectations and outstanding teaching inspire pupils’ interest and curiosity for learning. Consequently, pupils persevere to improve and reach their full potential. Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are exemplary in lessons and around the school. They are articulate, polite and courteous and show high levels of care for each other. The curriculum offers breadth and depth and is extended extremely well through enrichment activities."

The SIAS report noted "The  highly committed leadership of the headteacher, who by his example and strong Christian principles sets the ethos of the school as one where children should be nourished, supported and made aware that faith has a relevance to them, the very high standards and outstanding progress made in Religious Education (RE) lessons [and] the opportunities given to pupils to reflect spiritually and develop their thinking."

Other SIAS comments included, "Each individual is valued and exceptionally high levels of care and support are provided for those who need additional help, through a well thought through pupil well-being strategy. As a result pupils are ready to learn, achieve well academically and demonstrate high levels of good behaviour. Pupil success in all areas of school life is celebrated through the rewards system, and the innovative strategy of giving tokens for good work, which have on them the school values as translated into the 7Cs of care, consideration, communication, courtesy, co-operation, confidence and conscientiousness, is appreciated by the pupils.

"Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school. They appreciate the strong value system which the school engenders in their children and the way the school encourages children to think about their own personal beliefs."

Headteacher Ron Jenkinson said, "From the school's point of view, it's a great affirmation of the work that staff and pupils have put in. It's a particular joy for a church school to be able to celebrate its culture and ethos and we were thrilled that even the Ofsted inspector commented positively on this aspect of the school." 

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