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Euro Food for Thought

by Michael Ford last modified 23 Nov, 2016 08:52 AM

Children at Whitesheet Primary Academy in Zeals recently spent a whole study day together looking at European eating habits.

Euro Food for Thought

Pupils preparing European food

Headteacher Karen Brooker said, “Children at the Junior Centre have been studying Europe over the previous term and really enjoyed the topic - so a closer look at European cuisine as part of World Food Day was a great way to finish off and celebrate.”

Working in mixed aged groups, the pupils started the day by making sandwiches using different German meats, decorated with English vegetables. One enterprising child made a sandwich that looked like a pumpkin.

Meanwhile, other children enjoyed making their own pizzas, using Italian tomatoes and other vegetables to turn them into faces. Sweetcorn proved particularly useful for creating hair or beards.

Using a variety of fruit from different countries, pupils also chopped up their own fruit salads, decorating them with small flags from a number of European nations.

Mrs Brooker said, “All in all, our version of World Food Day was a creative – and delicious – opportunity for our children to learn more about our European neighbours!” 

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