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Facing fears and finding courage

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Sep, 2017 12:33 PM

“I was so scared of snakes but now I want one!” A report from Okeford Fitzpaine Primary School

Facing fears and finding courage

Nick from Bugfest during the launch assembly

On Friday 8 September 2017, children, parents and carers were greeted at the school gate by a gecko, a grub and several bees - the new teaching staff and Principal in costume! Miss Bacon, the Principal, explains...

Facing fears and finding courage- in costume 2

“It was a great way to start our first Friday with the school community. Little did they know that we had spiders, scorpion and snakes in the hall!

Facing fears and finding courage- interest

“There were awestruck faces and many volunteers when Bugfest visited us in the morning to help us launch our whole school topic. Squeals could have been heard a mile away! Children were introduced to many creepy crawlies: scorpions, tarantulas, snakes, millipedes and cockroaches.

Facing fears and finding courage- excitement

“After the launch assembly, children had an ‘up close and personal’ visit in the classroom for them to ask questions to learn more about these wonderful visitors. It wasn’t just the children enjoying the learning: many parents visited and were able to see the show and some held the Burmese python at the end.

“This launch facilitates the topic learning where across the school children are learning about habitats, the water cycle, where animals get their food, climates and natural disasters throughout the term.”

Facing fears and finding courage- in costume 1

“Our thanks go to our PFA for funding the visit, Nick of Bugfest, the children (who were so brave!), and our staff and parents (equally as brave) for such a great morning.”

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