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Getting Back to Their Roots

by Michael Ford last modified 04 Dec, 2017 02:51 PM

Pupils at Wilton and Barford CE Primary have been busy planting trees. Class Teacher Chris Neave reports.

“The fun began with the pupils of Emerald (Year 2) and Topaz (Year 1) pulling on their coats, wellies and wrapping up warm. Both classes then eagerly went out onto the playground and school field to plant a vast array of young saplings.

“Our pupils amazed us with their knowledge of tree names and their features. It was great to hear pupils as young as five talking about trees making oxygen for us to keep alive and the importance of having lots of trees for animals and insects to live in.

“They also loved digging holes deep enough to fit the tree roots into, and made sure that canes helped the trees stand up straight. Finally, pupils covered the young trees with plastic guards to keep them safe and protect them from the weather.

“Thank you to Gail from The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and all of the other volunteers who helped throughout the day. Both classes are looking forward to finding out even more about trees. Pupils will begin a tree diary to follow the tree that they planted progress throughout their time at the Wilton and Barford Primary School.

“It was a great experience which was enjoyed by all!”

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