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Global Learning Week at Wilton and Barford

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

Wilton and Barford Primary School have issued a report on their week's activities.

Global Learning Week at Wilton and Barford

Pupils discover the rainforest!

Pupils in Key Stage 2 kick started the week with a visit to the ‘Living Rainforest’. During the trip, the children took part in workshops finding out interesting facts about the Rainforest as well as having the opportunity to look at lots of different animals that live there and how they adapt themselves in order to survive.

On Tuesday the school had a French day, with all children taking part in activities ranging from tasting French food, looking at French artists and creating paintings in their styles, learning all about where France is in relation to other countries and- last but not least- learning French songs and games.

Wednesday was India's turn and children took part in workshops to learn how to dance in the ‘Bollywood style’. Each year group learned a different dance and gave a showcase at the end of the day. Each year group were very creative with their dance movements and the smiles on their faces showed just how much they had enjoyed themselves.

As part of India Day children also took part in activities such as creating rangoli patterns, learning about India’s culture and customs and learning about Indian numbers.

On Friday, children in Pearl class finished the week off with an Inspire Day, inviting parents in to join them for the morning, learning about different countries and making their own rangoli patterns. Both children and parents really enjoyed their morning and produced some fantastic work.

All children throughout the school embraced all the learning opportunities provided through this exciting week.

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