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Looking Spiritual at Gaunts Common

by Michael Ford last modified 28 Sep, 2015 12:27 PM

On Tuesday 16 June 2015, Gaunts Common St James’ First School explored their understanding of Spirituality. This report includes pupils' comments.

Looking Spiritual at Gaunts Common

Gaunt's Common: the Playground Water Challenge

At St James’ school, Spirituality is the wonder and appreciation of ourselves, others, our world and life’s difficult questions.

The day began with Collective Worship. Whilst considering our interpretation of Spirituality, the children watched a film clip of ‘Jesus calming the storm’ and were then given some quiet time to reflect on the following questions:

What might it be like to have been in that storm?
What would you have done?
How might you have felt?
What does this make you think of?
What does it make you want to do?
What can we learn from this story?

The children then had an opportunity to discuss some of their ideas with their peers before embarking on an exciting range of activities involving music, dance, drama, art, geography and SEAL. All of the activities were based on the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm and were underpinned with exploring what Spirituality means to us.

Throughout the day, children rotated around different areas of the school to participate in all the activities. In the Peace Garden, children used musical instruments to create a musical re-enactment of the story.

On the playground, there was an exciting water challenge game that involved team work to transport water from one vessel to another – there were the inevitable spillages which only added to the fun! The children then went on to explore the everyday uses of water before learning about the water crisis in some parts of the world. Children worked together in small groups to create posters to promote saving and not wasting water. The focus for this session was ‘What difference can I make?’

In the hall, children listened to and responded with dance and movement to a range of different music genres, thinking about how the music made them feel. They then worked together in groups to create a dramatic portrayal of the story ‘Jesus calms the storm’.

During the Art activity, children were encouraged to think and reflect on a range of open-ended questions, for example ‘What does calm look like? What does peace look like? They were shown a variety of art works to provide inspiration for their own work and then made bright and colourful creations that would provide the background picture to our Spirituality interpretation. These will be displayed around the school and in each classroom.

The following day, each class held their own class worship. The children were asked to reflect on their day, thinking about what they enjoyed and recounting the events of the day.

Whilst thinking about the following questions, the children watched a beautiful musical animation of the story from yesterday.

What have you learnt about yourselves?
What have you learnt about others?
What have you learnt about the world around you?
What have you learnt about God?

All children were given an opportunity to share any comments that they wish to make. A selection of the children’s responses is recorded below:

“I liked it in Mrs Booth’s class. The challenge with cups was difficult and we kept on dropping the water and it also overflowed! It was really hard not to spill it!” Merryn, Y2

“When we did the music I enjoyed thinking about how it feels to listen to the different types.” Fred, Y3

“I enjoyed playing my own instrument and thinking about what it sounded like and making a band.”  Sam, Y3

“God is powerful.” Macey, YR

“I liked the dance activity because there were loads of different songs to dance to and some made me feel energetic and some songs made me feel calm.”  Toby, Y2

“The colours in the video look like God.” Harry, Y1

“I liked the water paints because I painted a rainbow and it looks fantastically beautiful!” – Callum, Y

“Dear God, Thank you for all our water. Please help us not to waste water so there is enough fresh water left for all the people who have to have dirty water. Amen.” End of day prayer – Evie, YR

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