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Memorable Times at Durweston

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

Art exhibitions, country walks and church visits all enrich this school community's life.

The Heads and Deps and House Captains at Durweston are elected to represent pupil voice. A Whole-school Art Exhibition was the latest offering from this team of creative and committed pupils.

Their combined efforts organised, advertised and managed this extraordinary event which allowed each child’s talents to be displayed, shared and celebrated. The children's pictures were professionally mounted and framed and available to buy, with a percentage of the money going towards school funds.

Parents were invited to attend the exhibition of the school's artwork which was held on Wednesday 2nd April. The children also visited the gallery, which was set up to mimic a real exhibition as closely as possible.

Visitors to the gallery both young and old were left in no doubt that Durweston has some creative and talented children. The art work was varied and thought-provoking and many a proud parent left a few pounds lighter but with something special to adorn their wall.
Photos here 

As well as exercising their creative talents, Durweston children have also been marching out on their latest Welly Walk. Mrs Santer, with her knowledge of the local area, competently planned two routes for the children and invited members of the wider school community to participate.

The children stopped for well-deserved snacks and drinks and there were even some well-behaved dogs who attended the KS2 walk, making the experience very pleasant indeed!
Photos here 

In response to last terms enquiry about the importance of the church to Durweston, one of our pupils, Freya, wrote an eloquent piece on 'What does Durweston Church mean to me?'

The church means a little bit to me. If it was not there, the carol service and the nativity wouldn’t be the same, although hot wax on your fingers isn’t an experience I am likely to forget any day soon. There wouldn’t be trips to the church, me staring absent-mindedly at the stained glass windows wondering who on earth these people were.

There also wouldn’t be assemblies there, although  the fact spiders are resident there does put me off slightly. We wouldn’t have these lessons and we wouldn’t have our accounts of the church.  Much of Durweston’s history wouldn’t exist. Durweston revolves around the church.

I know it means a lot to other people. The kneelers are sewed with love, the visitor book shows that people do come to look at the church and all that it has to offer.  People choose to spend their after-life here. Without the church, this school most likely wouldn’t be here and then I and everyone else would have a second-class childhood.

I want to look back fondly at this school and church as a sweet, little village that, though I didn’t know it, actually meant quite a bit to me. So I will revise my first sentence and say: Durweston church does mean a lot to me, though I was ignorant of that fact. And hopefully it means a lot to my fellow beings.


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