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Minister of State Congratulates School on Literacy *Updated

by Michael Ford last modified 16 Dec, 2014 03:22 PM

Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy in Great Cheverell, Wiltshire, has received a letter from Nick Gibbs MP after recording 100% results for phonics.

The Minister of State for School Reform wrote to Headteacher Mercedes Henning informing her that the school was in the top 2% of the entire country. UPDATE: the school's actual rank is 302.

Congratulating the staff for their hard work and professionalism, the Minister wrote, "To be in the top 2% of schools with 100% of pupils achieving the expected standard in the check is a tremendous achievement and points to a high standard of phonics teaching in your school.

"You have ensured that every Year 1 child in your school has a firm foundation for reading, from which they can develop further reading skills and become increasingly sophisticated readers. This will help them develop a lifelong love of learning."

Mrs Henning said, "We were delighted to receive this letter commending us on coming in the top 2% of schools for the Year 1 phonics screening test.

"Last year we received a similar letter about our KS2 SATS results and it is good to see that the Government values the contribution made by all teachers in our school. Standards can only be high if every single teacher is outstanding, not just those at the top end of the school."

UPDATE: Mrs Henning adds, after receiving a second letter: "In fact, we ranked 302nd out of all primaries in England. A great accolade for our outstanding team, children and parents.

"We are even more proud of the fact that our children leave our school as people of generosity and integrity, accepting their responsibilities in our beautiful world and ready to work hard to make the world a better place and to be the best that they can be. But it is good that our academic achievements are marked in this way!" 

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