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Morgan's Vale's Outstanding Finish

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Oct, 2017 12:25 PM

Morgan’s Vale and Woodfalls Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School gained an outstanding SIAS just in time for the school holidays.

Morgan's Vale's Outstanding Finish

School pupils doing an 'airport' roleplay

Established strengths include:

  • The impact of the school’s Christian based community values on the ethos of the school and their contribution to the children’s personal development and quality of the learning environment
  • The central place of collective worship in the life of the school
  • The quality of the leadership and management, including governors, in promoting a strong Christian distinctiveness

Other remarks include:

The extent to which the school’s Christian values serve the needs of the school and wider community is outstanding. All members of the school community understand that these ‘community values’ reflect the Christian character of the school through its daily life. For instance, the example of Christ as peacemaker and the concept of forgiveness are essential elements in the way that the school approaches its management of behaviour.

The values are firmly embedded in the life of the school by supporting the children’s personal development and their learning. For example, the promotion of respect for each other makes a difference to the work in the classroom by encouraging children to listen and learn from each other. This was seen during the inspection when children working in groups shared their views and worked cooperatively to answer questions.

An outstanding feature of collective worship is the children’s understanding of why these are special times. They say that it is a time for the school to be reminded of God and how Jesus taught us to live our lives.

The impact of collective worship spreads beyond the school itself. The school has been put more firmly at the heart of two local church communities, and brought them closer together in service to the school through the shared ‘Open the Book’ team. This has been an important development for the wider community and one which has brought benefits to all.

The leadership and management, including governors, are outstanding because they have ensured that core values are shared and understood by the whole school community and that these values are set within the context of the community that the school serves. There is a very clear understanding that these ‘community values’ are rooted in the school’s Christian ethos through explicit Christian teaching including the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’. The headteacher has been instrumental in articulating these Christian values to the school community and is committed to ensuring that they make a difference to the lives of the children. He is very ably supported by key members of staff, notably the RE subject leader and the governing body.

Headteacher Graham Nagel-Smith said, "One of the key themes that runs through the report is one of community and how the school supports and is supported by the community it serves. We are very fortunate to have such fantastic support from you our parents and our local faith groups that come into school to volunteer help, take collective worship and join in our activities. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported the school in any and every way during the last year."

RE Adviser Derek Holloway commented, "An outstanding end to the year. What is particularly impressive here is the way they have approached values and doing community in a school that at one point looked quite marginal."

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