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Pentecost comes to Warminster school

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Jun, 2016 12:05 PM

Pupils at St John’s School in Warminster recently spent a whole day exploring the Pentecost story through drama, dance, poetry, art, cookery and quiet reflection.

The day was jointly planned and run by school staff and a nine-strong team from St John’s church. Collective Worship, led by St John’s Church ‘Open the Book’ team, introduced the children to the story of Pentecost.

The team told the story in stages, ‘freezing’ at key points and answering questions from other pupils in the manner of a character from the story.

Two stations were set up in St John’s Church so that children could explore words from the story, written on dove templates. At one station, they hung them on a specially made Pentecost tree; at the other, they sat around the altar to reflect.

Pupils also explored the story in dance and made short video clips of their work. In one workshop, groups of pupils created stained glass cookies by crushing boiled sweets, melting them and pouring the melted mixture into shapes cut out of dough.

School governor Sheelagh Wurr helped organise the day. She said, "The pupils really got into the theme and we could see from the way were acting and their responses that they really understood it.

"They were thoroughly absorbed throughout the day and also enjoyed not having to go to lessons for a day.

"Pupils had the opportunity to work in mixed age groups and it was good to see how the older members were ready to help the younger ones."

At the end of the day, the whole school gathered in the hall to show the parents the work they had produced during the day, including a collaborative ‘Pentecost Picture’ that every pupil had contributed to.

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