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SafeDATE at Sarum Academy

by Michael Ford last modified 01 Jun, 2016 11:25 AM

Pupils at Sarum Academy recently took part in an interactive workshop designed to help them spot the early warning signs of domestic violence.

SafeDATE at Sarum Academy

SafeDATE at Sarum Academy: L-R Kia Holt, Ejay Smith-Matthews, Nathan Luft

The programme, called SafeDATE, was led by Wareham-based charity Safe Partnership Limited.

Pupils watched and interacted with a presentation including real life stories, music and films. At the end pupils were also given posters, leaflets and information signposting them for further help if they needed it.

Statistics show that young people aged 16-24 are the age group at the highest risk of being in a violent relationship. Emma Payne from Safe Partnership commented, “At least 750, 000 children a year witness domestic violence.

“With the SafeDATE programme we aim to raise awareness of controlling and abusive behaviour and prevent that statistic spiralling ever upwards. Our sessions explain what to look for in a positive relationship and where to go for help if abuse takes over.”

Mrs Bell, Curriculum Team Leader for PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education) added, “Emma’s session provided pupils with essential life skills about a subject usually viewed as more of an adult topic. She presented it in a way that was sensitive and engaging for the pupils."

Kia Holt, aged 12 (on the left in the photo) said, “the workshop was a bit upsetting to find out about how abusive relationships can be and that men sometimes get abused by women, but it was really helpful to find out what to look out for and where to turn for help”.

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