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Sarum Academy on YouTube

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

High standards, developing an inclusive community and transforming the aspirations of young people are key to the work of Sarum Academy.

Sarum Academy on YouTube

Principal Ruth Johnson speaks of the vision for Sarum Academy

In a video interview broadcast on the Academy’s website, Principal Ruth Johnson and Chair of Governors Edward Probert explain the motivations behind a community wanting to give young people the best possible start in life.

Click here to watch the clip (5min 45sec)

Ruth explains: “At Sarum Academy we are driving up standards; standards are important to us, Academic excellence, making sure our pupils achieve [is important] We are relentless in the pursuit of pupil progress. We work exceptionally hard to make sure the pupils achieve the very best they can and we are seeing real results in that.”

She adds: “We are about [being] an inclusive community – we all work very hard to involve all of the community, be it businesses, our primary cluster schools, our local interagency groups to draw them into what we are doing and to be involved in what they are doing. We are very proud of our Army Cadet and St John Ambulance attachment, all of which show our collaboration with the community.”

In the film the Principal also stresses the need for the Academy to give pupils the chance to dream whatever dream is theirs as they plan for adulthood: “We have a higher number of pupils than ever before going off to university and we always encourage our pupils to look for the potential within themselves and be keen to pursue it and achieve it.”

Chair of Governors, Canon Probert, says: “The vision for the school was drawn up nearly three years ago and it hopes to offer much more than a normal education which is really important. We are also really committed to offering something which integrates the whole of life around a hub for learning and a hub for the local community.”

He adds: “We aim to have things which go beyond the 3 R’s of formal education”


Further information please contact:
Miss Natalie Clark
Sarum Academy Press Officer
01722 323431 ext 238


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