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Smoothie Operators in Zeals!

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Apr, 2016 11:18 AM

How do you make cycling exciting? Find a bicycle that turns out smoothies! This school report contains a spoiler for Quentin Blake’s ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’.

Smoothie Operators in Zeals!

And the verdict is...?

Children at Whitesheet Primary Academy in Zeals had been studying Mrs Armitage, Quentin Blake’s famous cycling character. This ‘bicycles and cycling’ theme neatly coincided with a visit from Jo Collett from the Bike It Plus initiative.

On her way to the school, Jo Collett had visited a local recycling centre and, much to the children’s delight, had found the bicycle that she thought might have been owned by Mrs Armitage.


During the five years (2011-2016) that Bike It Plus ran in Wiltshire, regular cycling to school increased by 11% and levels of regular scooting and skating to school increased by 16%. The number of pupils regularly being driven to school decreased by nearly 10%.


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