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St Nicholas Porton- from good to outstanding

by Michael Ford last modified 29 Aug, 2014 02:50 PM

St Nicholas’ Church of England VA Primary School impressed the SIAS inspector, who noted, "Christian values have a significant impact on the whole curriculum and the school is particularly inclusive."

St Nicholas Porton- from good to outstanding

Pupils study meteorites at Salisbury Museum

Established strengths include:

  • The Christian values which permeate the life of the school
  • The supportive and caring school community
  • The strong sense of trust between all members of the school, both children and adults
  • The strong sense of spirituality in the school
  • The partnership with the Bourne Valley Ministry Team and its churches

Other remarks include:

A strong Christian ethos permeates the life of the school, which is recognised by all stakeholders. Children say that this is “a Christian school”.

The school places a high priority on the education of the whole child and regards the children’s social, moral, cultural and spiritual development, underpinned by Christian values, as the controlling principles in the organisation and running of the school.

Parents say that there is a real feeling of community in the school with particular care being shown for each child, reflecting the values of love and tolerance.

All children are supported to develop confidence and mutual trust enabling them to ask questions and discuss issues in an open way.

Children say that worship “sets the tone for the week” and they are able to articulate how worship helps them in their daily lives. Worship also has a major impact on the day to day life of the school and makes a significant impact on most children’s spiritual development.

The school benefits from a very productive partnership with the local church. Members of the Bourne Valley Ministry Team lead worship once a week and this is particularly valued by the children.

Headteacher David Rolfe said, "The staff and governors are delighted with this report.  It recognises the distinctive nature of our very special school and the strong Christian values which significantly impact on our children’s development.”

Chair of Governors Geoff Freeth said, “Extra special congratulations are due to our young people who make every day at St Nicholas’ a special day and provide the inspiration for us all to continually strive to improve.”

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