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The Appliance of Science at Whitesheet

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Mar, 2016 02:09 PM

Whoosh, Bang, Fizz and Pop were the names given to the four groups of children taking part in Whitesheet Primary Academy's recent Science Day. School report below.

Each group was accompanied by members of staff or governors. "It was difficult to tell who was the most excited," said Mel Vincent, class teacher and science subject leader, "them or the children!"

Live experiments and demonstrations included 'Candle Vacuum Demonstration', 'Make a hoop out of A4 paper', 'Lava Lamp Demonstration', 'Milk Kaleidoscopes', 'Marshmallow Structures', 'Ooblick and Rockets', 'Chromatography and PH value', 'Build and test your own Circuits', 'Volcano Explosions', 'Centre of Gravity', 'Paper Structures' and 'Flowers in Water'.

"The children were totally absorbed in learning so many new, interesting and worthwhile ideas." said Mrs Vincent, "It really was the appliance of science for the children."

All the experiments went according to plan, and there were plenty of 'oohs' and 'ahs' throughout the day. All the groups were of mixed years, with siblings together. This enabled the older children to assist and guide the younger ones.

"It was such a fantastic day," said Mrs Vincent. "All the children were so well behaved and excited. The team of children, staff and governors worked so well together giving such a vibrant and enthusiastic learning experience. It was truly Whoosh, Bang, Fizz and Pop!"

The children clearly enjoyed the day. Comments included:

“My favourite activity was setting off the rockets. I learned to wait for the gasses to fill the chamber before it popped, it was so much fun!”

“I really enjoyed the structure building with marsh mallows and also watching the oil separate from the water when making lava lamps. I learned that the oil is lighter than the water.”

“I liked it when the volcano exploded. I learned that bicarbonate of soda fizzes when it is mixed with vinegar, red paint and washing up liquid. It looked like a real volcano!”

“My favourite experiment was the lava lamp experiment. It was nice to look at because the water was coloured and the bubbles went through the oil.”

"I loved the oozy gloop. I learned that if you mix corn flour and water together you can make a solid and a liquid. It felt really gooey.”

"I loved the blast off rocket it went higher and higher. It was fun shouting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO! Blast off!”

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