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The Magna Carta Project

by Michael Ford last modified 21 Jun, 2018 10:30 AM

Magna Carta has become an iconic document, a symbol of justice and rights for all.

Its 800th anniversary in 2015 is a wonderful opportunity for schools to explore what it means to take action and make a difference to the lives of those in their community, particularly people who may not enjoy the same freedoms and liberties as others.

Magna Carta- Dudley as King John King John declared:
and by this present charter have
confirmed for us and our heirs
in perpetuity, that the English Church
shall be free, and shall have its rights
undiminished, and its liberties


Schools Projects
Positive action in helping others is a key way in which schools can live out their values and support the spiritual development of their children. In today's society it is vital that the younger generation have opportunities to develop relationships across their community and follow through the responsibilities we have towards each other. Magna Carta encourages us all to be good citizens and to recognise how working together can achieve great things.

Celebrating Magna Carta

  • Take action and make a difference to the lives of those in the local community
  • Establish a need to meet, and develop relationships
  • Live out your values through positive action in supporting children's spiritual development
  • Explore the responsibilities that come with rights
  • Work together to achieve great things
  • Be good Magna Carta citizens!

Throughout 2015, schools are invited to develop community projects in the name of the Magna Carta. In November 2015, Salisbury Cathedral will hold a celebratory event and will invite up to 10 schools to take part. Ideally, these projects would be separate to any Year 6 Leavers projects so that all children involved can attend.

The organisers need to know:

  • What the project is
  • The need
  • The plan
  • The activities
  • And finally, how the results will have made a difference to all involved

Send your project details and timeline to

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