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The Vision Vessel

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Jul, 2015 03:23 PM

A collaboration between staff and pupils gives graphic results!

A new piece of art has been displayed at the DEC in Wilton, outlining key areas of the work of the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE).

Pupils from Coombe Bissett School collaborated with Mark Stratta and Mandy Christopher to produce the graphic.

The text next to it reads, "This ship represents the Diocesan Board of Education, sailing in our ship are all the staff and trustees. Their movement around the ship reflects the range of work that the DBE undertakes with schools, academies and parishes.

"Our vessel is being powered by the wind, which is the power of God caught in the sails. These in turn represent our faith in him as articulated by the Bishop’s vision of ‘pray’, ‘serve’, ‘grow’. If the wind does not blow, our ship will go nowhere, our faith enables the sails to rise and catch the wind.

"Our cargo is expertise and inspiration for all those who work with children and young people. The crew are all clear in their roles, relationships are strong; working together in trust to ensure the ship makes best use of the wind in its sails. Each crew member has a pivotal role; without each individual it would not sail effectively.

"The ship sails in flotilla alongside many ships, they are the schools, multi academy trusts and the parishes, full of leaders, governors, clergy, staff, parents and children. The ships are all unique, as are the schools, academies and parishes. We engage in our journey together, through ropes and ladders we are always entwined together.

"The crews of the boats have thrown the connecting ropes; they have chosen an interdependent relationship. The boat in front is the pilot ship; it is the children, whose needs we respond to. The DBE vessel provides support and challenge, a servant leader.

"The flotilla currently rests in a safe harbour, but it is sailing out together to navigate the stormier seas of a changing educational landscape beyond. The speed of the waves breaking on the bows reflects the continual striving for improvement, both for the DBE and the schools and parishes.

"The buildings on the quayside are all those with whom we work in partnership: the local authorities, teaching schools, the National Society. The water and the ladder on the quayside wall facilitate strong communication in all directions, but remind us that relationships require continual effort and focus. The lighthouse on the quay is a beacon of welcome to all."

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