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TWO Vicars for Harvest

by Michael Ford last modified 14 Oct, 2016 10:52 AM

RE Subject Leader Fiona Payne reports from St Andrew’s Primary School, Yetminster.

TWO Vicars for Harvest

The Revds Freddie Fisher and Colette Annesley-Gamester

Every week we are lucky to have our school chaplain, the Reverend Colette Annesley-Gamester, a Team Vicar who comes into school to lead our collective worship.

This week, we were sharing ways of praying and Colette was introduced to the Reverend Freddie Fisher. The Reverend changes his vestments depending on the Liturgical Season and has proved a great hit with the children.

He lives in our foyer with Puddles the Cat and has been abducted on several occasions by visiting toddlers who can't resist taking him for a walk. Fortunately, he always finds his way back to the foyer!

Reverend Fisher and Puddles the Cat team up to introduce young children to aspects of the Christian faith through a series of large books. Puddles is very mischievous, and gets up to all kinds of adventures.

With Harvest coming up we are looking forward to reading 'A Wet and Windy Harvest' with the children. In this story, Puddles is enjoying playing in the leaves when, all of a sudden, he decides to join Reverend Fisher and the congregation for the harvest service. Needless to say, chaos ensues...

Reverend Colette adds, “It’s an imaginative way of engaging children about the religious colours used for worship in the Christian calendar. As their School Chaplain, I remind them of the current liturgical colours by wearing a scarf and socks and carrying an umbrella. It's always a delightful talking point for pupils.

“The staff and parents find the children's genuine interest endearing, and it helps convey the significance of this Church of England practice.”

More photos from the collective worship time here: 

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