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Wilton and Barford Gets Upgraded!

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Apr, 2016 11:19 AM

A school IT report from class teacher Christopher Neave.

"When it comes to technology at Wilton and Barford Primary School, we strive to move things forward - especially when it comes to providing our learners with opportunities and experiences that will support and enhance their learning.

"Over past few academic years, we have been fortunate enough to acquire Android tablets, Asus windows hybrid laptops and a complete overhaul of the school network and infrastructure. This school year has been no different, as we ensuring that our IT provision is meeting the demands of the 21st century!

"Following an audit of hardware, we felt it important to replace the school’s dated interactive displays. Technology has developed massively over the previous twelve years, so a trip to the BETT show in London by Mrs Nock and Mr Neave was need to help us to decide what equipment we needed.

"The pupils of Ruby Class (4/5 year olds) have had their dated whiteboard upgraded to a ‘Vivid Touch’ interactive display. This screen provides bright image that the children can interact with my using its touch control facilities.

"In Year 1 to Year 6 (aged 6-11), classrooms have been fitted with 65” Ultra High Resolution display panels that provide clear and vivid images (even when the sun is shining).

"In addition to this, each teacher has been provided with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. These devices are not only light and portable: they can wirelessly project to the Ultra High Resolution displays. This enables the teacher to move around the classroom whilst projecting learning onto the screens!

"The new facilities have been well received by all staff and are now becoming an integral part of pupils’ daily learning opportunities.

"Over the next academic year, we look forward to further upgrades as we improve the school’s internet provision, computing curriculum, develop the children as digital leaders and introduce a coding club.

"We would like to thank Wilton Middle School Education Trust for helping us fund our work."

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