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Wilton, Barford and Saxons

by Michael Ford last modified 14 Oct, 2015 09:19 AM

A report on a museum trip by Wilton and Barford CE Primary School

Wilton, Barford and Saxons

Roleplaying a Saxon burial

On Monday 7 September 2015, the children in Key Stage 2 visited Salisbury Museum as the launch of their topic based on the Anglo-Saxons.

Upon arrival at the museum in Cathedral Square, the children were met by Owain – an employee of Salisbury museum – and Rodney, a volunteer. The children were split into two groups to enable them to work with both of these adults and participate in two different activities.

Half of the children had an investigation to undertake, and began by looking very closely at a picture of a skeleton. Who was this person and what else was buried alongside him?
After much careful analysis, it transpired that he was a Saxon warrior excavated at Ford, Laverstock near Salisbury in 1964. The man was buried with 2 spears, a shield, an iron knife and scabbard – both with elaborate silver fittings – and a bone hair comb.

The children also completed observational drawings of replica Saxon artefacts, thinking about the answers to questions such as, what material they were made from and their purpose in Anglo-Saxon society. Brooches were also made to represent the brooch found on a Saxon bag. The session ended with a roleplay depicting a Saxon burial.

Whilst half of the troupe was in the classroom, the other half were looking at the Saxon collection of artefacts in the museum. The children had to find various ancient objects and answer probing questions about them. They found out about jewels and weapons and even developed their knowledge of an Anglo-Saxon manuscript pointer which was used to help people to read.

After a satisfying picnic lunch, the groups swapped over. An enjoyable time was had by all and everyone gained plenty of knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons.

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