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Parish-School Links

by Michael Ford last modified 10 Jun, 2022 10:17 AM
The Board of Education is committed to supporting Headteachers, all staff, governors, local incumbents and congregations in building links between the school and the church community.

We believe that creating opportunities for the parish and school to build a strong relationship is beneficial for the children, the school and the church. Our aim is to help you to think creatively about the possibilities that there are for developing strong links between your local church and the school.

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Involving a church congregation in the life of your school

All the believers were one in heart and mind...they shared everything that they had.
Acts 4:32

The ideas below suggest some ways that members of the church can share in and contribute to the life of the school and really see the school as part of the church community.

  • Get involved in particular school projects or activities weeks. Find out the gifts of those in the parish and see how they can be used in the school. For example, working on an environmental project, building a spiritual garden, learning new craft skills, or being involved in sports activities
  • Identify any religious artefacts or books that the school needs and ask if the church can help to provide these
  • Explore the possibility of the church running an after school or lunchtime club or ask for volunteers to help existing clubs run
  • Work together to increase pupils' understanding of the developing world through the diocesan link with the Sudans
  • Consider offering detached youth work at lunchtimes, or mentoring to students
  • Deliver excellent collective worship. Explore, with the church, the possibility of using Open the Book to deliver collective worship
  • Run a Journeys Day, with the parish going into the school to help them run a cross curricular theme day based on 'Journeys in the Bible', followed by parish activity days and an all age worship service

Pray Bake Read/Listen

We are often asked how a congregation can help its local schools. Here is one simple idea from Libby Leech at Lichfield Diocese which she has agreed to share with us and we’ve added to. It’s one that any parish can use which cares for children and staff in spiritual, emotional and practical ways. Click here for the page.

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