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Pray Bake Read/Listen

by Michael Ford last modified 17 Dec, 2019 10:57 AM
We are often asked how a congregation can help its local schools. Here is one simple idea from Libby Leech at Lichfield Diocese which she has agreed to share with us and we’ve added to. It’s one that any parish can use in caring for children and staff in spiritual, emotional and practical ways.

Pray Bake Read

‘Pray, Bake, Read/Pray, Bake, Listen’ initiatives are proving very successful in a number of schools and will be supported with ideas for prayers and recipes here on our website.

The idea is to build or enhance excellent school parish relationships. This new initiative involves the local church offering the following to their local school:

PRAY... intentionally for your local school weekly

BAKE ... a cake for the staff each half term

READ ... 1:1 with a student once a week


LISTEN ... 1:1 with a student once a week
As an alternative to ‘Read’ the church can offer volunteers who can ‘Listen’. This is very
valuable but does need mentoring training.

We are hoping that this initiative will spread across the diocese and that parishes can offer this to every school. Cards have been sent out to every church school Headteacher and Chair of Governors, and every Incumbent. These are designed to be a conversation starter with teachers, clergy, paid staff, volunteers and foundation governors about whether your church could offer Pray, Bake, Read/Listen in your school.

For mentoring training, contact:

For other enquiries, contact:

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