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PSA - Admission Appeals

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Oct, 2018 09:56 AM
‘Thank you for providing such a calm venue for what can be an emotionally challenging process.’

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Explanation of this aspect of our work

If an application for a school place is refused, parents have the right of appeal against this decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. This is known as a School Admission Appeal. The Diocesan Board of Education can host School Admission Appeals.

Independent and trained clerks and panel members can hear any admissions appeals for your school. These are both 'in-year appeals' and 'normal admissions round' appeals.

Cost of support:

Our charges vary depending on whether a school is subscribed to the diocesan Partnership Service Agreement (PSA):

  • For schools subscribed to our PSA, the cost is 6 credits (£360+VAT) for the first appeal, 5 credits (£300+VAT) for the second appeal and 4 credits (£240+VAT) for the third and any further appeals.
  • For schools which are not subscribed to the PSA, the cost is £540+VAT for the first appeal, £450+VAT for the second appeal and £360+VAT for the third and any further appeals. 
  • Please be aware that if the appeal is cancelled within a fortnight of the hearing, all schools will be charged £125 to cover the preparation work which will have been carried out by the clerk.

Please contact Pam Clemett for further details.


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