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Home Schools PSA- Audit of Your School as a Church School (Mid-cycle SIAMS Review)

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PSA- Audit of Your School as a Church School (Mid-cycle SIAMS Review)

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Aug, 2018 12:24 PM
"I want to extend my thanks to you for today's audit. I really do feel that, through our discussions together as we undertook the audit, I have moved towards a 'greater depth' of understanding with the journey we are on at our school.

At the end of the day I drove away from school feeling more secure in the knowledge that we have a much firmer foundation from which to work ahead of our next inspection. That was a good feeling to have.

"I also know that we have this audit as a base to work from – and I now believe that we can succeed.

"Thank you. I really have learned so much from you and value your support."

(Head Teacher, following the audit of the school)

Audit of Your School as a Church School- Header

Explanation of this aspect of our work

Against the backdrop of the Sept 2018 Church of England vision for Education ['Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good'], this supportive audit provides an opportunity for your school to be reviewed against the Sept 2018 SIAMS Framework in advance of your next SIAMS inspection. Ideally this audit would take place mid-way through your school’s SIAMS inspection cycle. Our diocesan adviser works alongside the head teacher to carry out a full review.

A whole day is recommended for this piece of work.

On the day our adviser will:

  • Meet with children 
  • Observe Collective Worship – and review any monitoring records from Collective Worship
  • Observe/ do a Learning Walk of some Religious Education lessons – and review any monitoring records from Religious Education
  • Look at a selection of children’s work from across the curriculum
  • Meet staff
  • Meet a selection of parents with children in different year groups
  • Meet with foundation governors – and the Chair of Governors 
  • Meet the incumbent

This leads to verbal feedback on the day and to a full written report of the school’s impact as a distinctive church school including strengths and ‘next steps’ in relation to the Sept 2018 SIAMS.

The format of the day itself largely mirrors a SIAMS inspection.

Many head teachers are also taking up the opportunity to work with the same adviser for a full day shortly after the audit in order to compile the school’s SIAMS SEF together. 

The 2018-2019 rate is: 

RATE 1 day to include time in school and a report 9 credits £810.00 + VAT



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